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Beyond The Spectrum takes a multidisciplinary approach to help neurotypical children with developmental delays as well as neurodiverse children. Our goal is for all children and young adults to reach their fullest potential.

Whether your child needs one service or multiple services, we are here to help. Our interprofessional collaboration gives you and your child access to various therapists and resources.  We work together to develop appropriate treatments and therapies designed to help your child reach their goals.

Beyond The Spectrum
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30 years of experience

HISTORY •Beyond The Spectrum was born from the desire to help all children progress and succeed. It was established so parents and families can receive support to meet the developmental needs of their child, no matter how large or small their challenge is. 

Beyond The Spectrum Founder, Debra Ciliento has worked with children for over 30 years. She recognized the need to offer interprofessional therapy services for children while operating her own Early Childhood Center.  While providing Early Intervention services at her center she saw a need for parents to receive additional support for other therapies, enrichment and much more for their children with different abilities. She did her best but wanted to do more.  She sold her early childhood center in hopes to open up another to suit the needs of children with all different abilities.  She began Substitute Teaching and went back to school focusing in Special Education. She has worked with children from toddlers to age 21, including those but not limited to Autism Spectrum Disorder, in schools, homes, and in the community.  

Shortly before the pandemic a location was secured to open the multifaceted center. That is on hold however, we know children need therapies more now than ever since the pandemic. We have multiple options and locations to provide therapy. 

Beyond The Spectrum has become a family affair since Debra’s children have inherited her love for children and helping others succeed.  We aren’t just a business; we are a family owned and operated business of therapists and educators who are family and those who become like family every step of the way. 

Debra has always had a natural affinity for all children but receives the most joy making an impact for those with special needs. Seeing children progress and overcoming obstacles is what she loves the most. In addition to her desire to reach the needs of children and their families. Debra attributes much of her inspiration in establishing Beyond The Spectrum from her own four children as well as the team of therapists and educators who she has been blessed to work with over the last 15 years.

Classes and open gym time (coming soon)  — especially those who were unable to thrive in a typical class or setting. Parents will have the opportunity to join a parent support group to assist in ways to help one another in the same. or similar position. We do not want you or your child to face challenges alone.

We are here to meet the needs of children and their families and assist in any way we can. 

At Beyond The Spectrum, children get the support needed, regardless of their challenges.  Parents will have a place in addition to their school system to track their child’s progress.  With us, parents will have access to a team of licensed professional therapists and educators. We will provide resources to assist families in any way we can. Feel free to call us anytime for free consults. If we aren’t able to help you, we will find someone who can. 

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