Physical Therapy

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Physical therapy focuses on coordination and posture control.

As movement specialists, physical therapists help children improve motor function.They assist in helping to develop their gross motor skills and basic movement skills. 

This unique training in child development and motor control allows physical therapists to assess a child’s motor delays and functional performance to engage and improve in daily routines at home and school. In addition, students may acquire new motor skills, develop better coordination and a more stable posture. Our therapists help to improve play skills such as throwing and catching a ball with another person, develop motor imitation skills (learn by copying others’ actions), and increase physical fitness and stamina.

physical therapy for children

Prior to developing an individualized treatment plan to improve ability to move, reduce or manage pain, and restore function, our physical therapists will thoroughly evaluate your child.

This assessment typically includes postural strength and control, functional mobility (eg, walking and running), body and safety awareness, ability to change between different activities, and other daily routines that will be done in the home, community, or school.

At Beyond The Spectrum, your physical therapist will work with you to develop goals to help your child participate to their full potential at home and school, developing a personalized plan to meet your child’s and family’s needs, collecting data to ensure the plan is effective, and making adjustments accordingly to ensure your child’s progress.