beyond the spectrum line

TO make a Positive Impact for Every child and Family We Meet

Our team of therapists combines their respective professional observations so they can collectively assess your child’s progress. The results are individualized; with engaging therapy treatments by matching assessments which are accurate for your child. At Beyond The Spectrum, children get the support needed, regardless of their abilities. Parents can track their child’s progress while having access to a team of licensed therapists, professionals, educators and other parents. Our goal is for children experiencing challenges to benefit from integrated therapy sessions; sessions which can stimulate your child’s senses for social, emotional, and physical development in the classroom, at home, or in the community. 





VISION • While we are currently geared towards children ages birth to 21, our vision is to expand beyond 21.  We want to support young adults who experience delays of any level, providing them with the resources and tools needed to get them on the path to independence. This includes preparing young adults, who are able, for a livelihood with appropriate employment opportunities, if possible.  Inquire within to see how we can help. 

Beyond The Spectrum values young adults, who are equally important to us. Join us in creating a future where children and young adults alike can have access to resources that will help them to reach their full potential!