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We believe children learn best doing what they love… playing! At the same time, receiving various services in different locations could be a challenge for families, especially when multiple therapies are necessary. Our convenient interprofessional system combined with Enhanced Play gives you and your child access to various therapy treatments in one place. 

While a child is in a social skills group, they could be getting therapy through play, hence “enhanced” play. With Enhanced Play, we encourage socialization and peer interaction through integrated play and provide play-based therapy that is fun for children. Enrichment classes, social skills groups, and open gym are some ways that children experience play-based therapy that is fun and educational. These educational opportunities stimulate your child’s developmental growth.

Enhanced Play also gives parents the opportunity to have physical access to therapists and educators under one roof!

*Enrichment classes will be offered at Enhanced Play; Free play, Yoga, Art, Music, Cooking, Science and much more!

Many families who need OT, PT, and SLP services benefit from utilizing a sensory gym. For any child, play matters! A child’s current occupation is to learn, grow, and play, so when learning is fun, it’s more effective to the child’s success.

Beyond The Spectrum is excited to collaborate with Enhanced Play therapeutic center to create a sensory space where parents can bring their children to further develop skills or learn new ones in a fun, safe environment!


Some families might need services but would prefer to not have therapy take place at home or inside. Enhanced Play is ideal for the following:

The therapeutic center will also address children in social skills group, parent training, enrichment classes, and classes that promote day-to-day functions such as cooking, art, music, yoga and much more.
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Your child's mind and body are exercised when their senses are stimulated for social, emotional, and physical development.

Our professional team of licensed therapists, educators, and parents offer high-quality services to improve the lives of you and your children through assessment, evaluation, and a family-centered approach. The goal is to design an individualized program that will help your child gain independence at home, in school, and in the community.

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